Thursday, January 8, 2009

On with Obamarama

The inauguration is almost here! For the first time ever, the DOE has made an arrangement with ABC news to have live streaming of the inauguration onto public school computers. I asked my sixth period teacher today if we could watch the swearing in during her class, expecting her to smile and shake her head, and she didn’t even blink before responding with an enthusiastic “of course!” In elementary school PS 321, all third through fifth graders are crowding into classrooms on the 20th to stare at TVs, a highly unusual practice for this school.

Obama’s election is a historic moment for a million and one reasons. But one of the most exciting things for me has been passion and action that Obama has inspired in the youth of this country, and I’m thrilled to see the DOE and public school educators embracing this new energy. Teenagers are known to be fairly apathetic, and anyone younger is generally considered too uninformed to be labeled at all. But this really has changed over the past couple months. I’m praying that this energy will hold after January 20th, and I’m applauding the DOE on their work to make the inauguration so accesible to students