Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bronx Science Students Walk Out!!

Last week, about 200 Bronx Science kids participated in a walkout to protest some of their principals policies.

Way to go! Let the students be heard!

The protesters are being criticized for being too whiny and complaining about petty issues, such as "no senior trip" or a "strict cutting policy." I don't think 200 Bronx Science students would agree to walk out without good reason. If the students were able to organize a walk out and get themselves on the news, there was obviously enough of an issue to make it happen.

Recently there has been a lot of controversy over the firing of teachers and principals. The mayor and chancellor are trying to make it easier to get educators fired, and there is a proposed board of lawyers, former principals and others to judge who can be fired. In all this drama, no one has mentioned getting students involved in the decision making process. We're the ones who spend every day under the direct influence of our teachers and principals, and we're the ones who the entire education system is meant to benefit. If the students at Bronx Science have gotten it together to speak out, the people in power need to lend them an ear.
Its unfortunate that we have to protest and walk out for people to notice that we have opinions on our schools. But once again, way to go!

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