Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fighting the bake sale ban!!!

Please join students from around the city to protest the new regulation on bake sales on Friday, Nov. 13 from 2-6 p.m. in front of City Hall. The protest is being organized by seniors from LaGuardia High School, and we invite anyone and everyone to come. (find the protest on facebook:

Department of Education regulation A-812 states that only approved foods can be sold in schools until 6 p.m., and no outside food can be sold during mealtimes. The regulation is so restrictive it is commonly referred to as a ban on bake sales. As Jennifer Medina said in a recent New York Times article, “There will be no cupcakes. No chocolate cake and no carrot cake. According to According to New York City’s latest regulations, not even zucchini bread makes the cut.”

Since the bake sale ban applies to lunch periods, and LaGuardia has five lunch periods during the day, it is virtually impossible for students to buy something. In the past, LaGuardia clubs and teams, along with those of many other high schools, have relied on bake sales for close to 100% of their fundraising. Students were not forewarned about this ban so that bake sales could be phased out over time while other methods of fundraising were introduced. As reported in the Village Voice, two high school seniors are organizing a petition against the ban. There are also Facebook groups being created in protest.

It’s not just students who are protesting the regulation. The Village Voice quotes Beacon English teacher Sarah Fink: “There is no budget for after-school programs. Bake sales are pure profit. The ingredients are cheap, and the students can do it themselves.”

The Department of Education does not provide the necessary funding for the clubs, teams, and extracurriculars which enrich schools and students’ lives. Selective colleges and are asking for increasing involvement in these activities. If the DOE provided adequate funding, these regulations would be acceptable; as it stands, they are not.

I hope to see you on Friday, Nov. 13. The event can be found on Facebook (you must have a Facebook account to view it). You can also email me or post a comment with any questions.