Monday, March 2, 2009

Thanks for Coming!

As a member of the NYC Student Union I would like to thank everyone on behalf of the NYC Student Union that attended the first NYC Student Government Forum this past Thursday, Feb 26, at the UFT building. We were thrilled to see all of you there and hope you will join us on our weekly Monday meetings at the UFT building at 50 Broadway on the second floor at 5pm.

The event was hosted as the first step to our grand vision: to have a city-wide student government where anyone is welcome to tackle student issues across the city and a collective group that effectively voices student concerns. The successful Student Government forum has given us further hope that this dream will soon become a reality. Various schools throughout NYC were invited to the event. It was an opportunity for students and faculty from various school governments to meet. The forum was meant to create, improve and connect student governments across the city through collaborative discussion and planning and we certainly did that!

I was especially glad to see that everyone was so eager and excited to communicate with students from student governments in other schools. Our goal was to provide students in small and growing student governments a chance to interact and find out what works for students in similar situations. We were often behind in our schedule because everyone was so eager to share their experiences, ideas, and comments. Later we divided the group by school size so they could further discuss issues that concern schools of their size and how student government should address them. Since I am from a large school, Brooklyn Tech, my group determined that communication among our behemoth schools is a top concern and had many ideas on how to combat this obstacle.

NYC Student Union will be a bridge between the many schools that attended this event and help them to continue communicating among each other throughout the year. We also plan on hosting another forum in the Spring. As for now, please come to our meetings on Mondays at 5pm and don't worry, it's not a huge commitment and you may come whenever you have the time to. We hope to see you there because it is only as a large, unifed voice that our student concerns will be heard!