Sunday, December 7, 2008

I Didn't Read the Book, But I Saw the Movie...

I am not a reader by any means. I read very rarely and most of the books I've read in recent times have been forced upon me by the school (not to say they were not good.) And I never really considered it a crime against humanity, until my mother gave a me a big long speech about it. Quite frankly, though she did express a few excellent points, it seemed to me that the main reason she felt me reading more literature would be beneficial is because it's always expressed that way. In the media we have our typical smart guy who always has his nose in the books, or the nerd bookworm who had a terrible time at school but became famously successful for learning so much through reading. In general, I feel that everyone seems to think that books are just a very distinctly intellectual symbol and I don't understand it.

Now, she did bring about many good points like; reading excels your vocabulary and makes you think about new things, it gives information and so on and so forth. But I found that all those things could also be done through movies and the internet. And I've gotten a lot of grief for saying that, and I haven't heard an argument that convinces me other wise.

So I don't know, I just feel like cinema and the web are looked at as humans wasting there time and killing their brains, when books and reading are "obviously" making you smarter.