Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yes He Can!

"I know how hard it is to make sure that we're lifting up our schools. Because it's not just going to involve teachers, not just going to involve administrators- it will involve parents and communities changing our midset about our children." -Barack Obama adressing Virgnia on Saturday Feb. 9th.

Thank you, Barack! Problems in education are not isolated. There is a general failure in the priorities of our city and nation. Now we have a presidential candidate who will get us out of our unbelievably costly war and support better education. It won't work to just fire more teachers, or improve principal accountablity or bribe students to preform better on tests. Unfortunately, we as individuals or groups have trouble tackling the "culture of education" and have to focus on smaller issues. If anyone can "lift up our schools" and bring hope back to a deteriorating system, it's Obama.

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Papermasters said...

The election is important to students. It will affect us for the rest of our lives. Each US president defines much of the modern world.