Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Teen birth rates up again

Insideschools.org has reported “teen birth rates have gone up for the first time in decades, at a time when more money than ever has been sunk into abstinence”. What is causing this?

Researchers think that misinformation about safe sex practices are the cause of this, others say its because young women want babies. Are these young women ready for this responsibility? The DOE is now recommending a program about sex –Ed and not only abstinence. This is to try to fix the “miscommunication” of information. It will include more information about contraception.

As a student in NYC I am looking forward to this new program. I know some teenage girls, that have gotten pregnant, and it was not because they wanted a baby. I’m not sure how effective this new program will be, but it does comfort me to know that the state is doing something to address this disturbing problem.

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