Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Annualization Vs. The Semester System

This year, La Guardia High School- where I am a sophomore- started a new system of annualization. Previously, students got new schedules every semester. Now schedules are kept the same the whole year, with minor changes when necessary.
However, what constitutes a "necessary" change is very different in the minds of students and staff.

I understand that its impossible to accomodate a bunch of students who are trying to change classes because they hate their teacher. The school should prioritize changes for students who are missing classes etc.. But what bothers me is that the staff members in charge of scheduling refuse to consider changes for students who want a different teacher.

The importance of having a teacher you like is defenitely underestimated. If a student is trying to switch out of a class because they have a problem with a teacher, their request should at least be considered. Kids work so much harder for teachers they respect. Being forced to stay with teachers they hate makes kids resentfull of the class, and the entire school. I despised the entire subject of Science until 7th grade because my teachers had been so uninspiring. Once I was given a decent teacher, I realized how much I was interested in Science. I know there are so many people in this kind of situation.

Gaby Febland, a student of La Guardia High School says, "It's unfortunate, but many of New York City's teachers are forced to revolve their year's curriculum around the regents. Students are daunted with the task of excelling on the regents. New teachers are less familiar with the content of the regents exams. Students are accused of making teacher complaints when they are really displaying a concern for their test grades, which is all the New York City Public School System has been reduced to--test grades."

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james said...

hi well in my opinion semester system is a better study scheme as for as our education system is concerned but it is likely to be advocated by those students only whose main theme is cramming. On the other hand creativity is possible in annual system. There must be some reforms brought to improve semester system. Thanx