Sunday, December 2, 2007

Vallone getting it done!

It's finally happened. Homework is becoming illegal. Okay, not really but some limits are being's a start:

Upset about the amount of time he's spending helping his middle school-aged daughters with homework, City Council member Peter Vallone of Queens wants to introduce a resolution to limit homework to 2.5 hours a night and require schools to create one homework-free night a week.
No, the mayor isn't interested, but the council has already overridden one big veto this school year. The fact is, homework has it's benefits in that it reinforces what you learn during the day, but more than 30 minutes of homework for each class is just busy work. And I also agree that students need a night off, preferably Wednesday, the middle day, so students can recharge their batteries a little bit. I think Vallone has exactly the right attitude on this, not abolishing homework, but making sure the amount stays in check.

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