Thursday, December 13, 2007

ID scaners..2 weeks later

It has now been more than 2 weeks, since the ID scanners have been put into place in our school.

Surprisingly I have not found it to be such a hassle and problem as I had thought. Every morning students use the side entrance to enter the building and swipe their cards. Many students have stopped complaining because the process is not tedious at all, and does not force us to stand in long lines.

Although the process is not tedious it is still unnecessary in a small school such as mine, which also has two buildings. Because our school has two buildings and has only one ID scanner, it is useless since teachers in the other building still have to take attendance.

One complaint that is still rampant is the complaint that we now have to enter from the side entrance instead of the front, which is much more convenient. Overall I believe that the ID scanners in my school were not a failure, but did not, and do not really serve a purpose.

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