Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Schools Are Alive With the Sound of Music!

Starting as soon as January 2008, 29 New York City public schools will be receiving free music education from Little Kids Rock (LKR). LKR is a non-profit organization that teaches public school children how to play multiple genres of music, such as rock, pop, hip-hop, rap, and blues, as well as providing them with free instruments. The kids they teach also have the chance to record their own albums and music videos.

How wonderful is this?

Every child should be so fortunate as to have musical instruction. Many scientific studies have shown that just listening to notes and rhythms can significantly heighten one's brain functionality. Schools all over the city, with their lack of funding and desire to focus on more academic subjects, have had their music and art programs shut down left and right, and this is really a shame.

I know that when I was younger, one of the highlights of each week was my school music class. I still remember the words to the songs we were taught. However, instruments and private lessons are so expensive that a substantial amount of parents cannot afford them, and thus a great opportunity becomes lost. Now, thanks to LKR, which is backed by celebrities such as Paul Simon, B.B. King, and Bonnie Raitt, it will be possible for lower-income children to experience the richness of a music education.

Just like math and science, music deserves a place in the curriculum of New York City students, and one can only hope that more organizations like will be founded to make sure it stays.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

I used to have an after school music/dance/capoeira program.
Check out

If I "survive" as a teacher. I am presently under assualt I will attempt to revive this program at whatever school I can get employment in free of racial and ethnic prejudice and discrimination.