Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NYC Students get in on the blogosphere

Last month, the New York City Student Union officially launched the NYC Students Blog (, the first ever student-run blog about the NYC education system. In doing so they have joined the many teacher blogs, organizational blogs and the NYC Public School Parents Blog to contribute to the discussion on many of the important issues in our City's schools.

Ashu Kapoor, a senior blogger from a Queen small school:
For too long, students have been left out of the decisions made about our education. This blog will begin the task of giving students a real voice in our schools. Students are most affected by the successes and failures of our schools and deserve some say in the policies made about them

The NYC Students Blog currently features nine student bloggers who represent every borough and many different types of schools. So far these students have tackled issues such as Student Government Organizations, the Contracts for Excellence debate, recycling efforts in New York City's schools, and changes in Sex Education around the City.

If you get the chance please check us out at (and blogroll us if you feel like it!) We're really excited to contribute a student voice to the issues that so affect us and look forward to working with the rest of the education blogosphere to continue these conversations and improve New York City's schools.

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