Sunday, October 28, 2007

We need our parents

Our parents raise us, support us, feed us, and put a roof over our heads. It is our parents that make us who we are, and they are a huge part of our success (or not) The same applies to education, because if students don't have parental support at home, what motivation will they have in school?

Good parents seem to know what they are doing already, and according to a recent article on, they could really set an example for others:

They are less interested in how schools are accountable to boards and in the accompanying array of bars, graphs, and reports. They want schools to be accountable to parents by telling them regularly in easy-to-understand language how well or poorly their child is faring and how well the student's school is faring.

They want real, not relative, measurements of their child's progress, and they want to get rid of schools incapable of making sure that every child lives up to their fullest potential and ability.

We need more parents like this. If a school has a parent base that involved in the goings on of the school, you can be sure the school will get its act together. Not to mention the wonderful support that parents can provide as far as extra curricular activities and fundraising are concerned. So get going parents: help your child out!

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