Thursday, October 25, 2007

Student Government Project: LaGuardia High School

For the NYC Student Union Student Government Project, the members of the union are profiling their own schools' SGO's. This is my entry on the LaGuardia's SGO

At LaGuardia, our SGO is run by five elected officers and one hundred representatives appointed by application that meet every week.

The officers are the President (me), Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and as of this year a Speaker. The first four positions are elected by the entire student body and the last, though appointed this year, will in the future be elected by returning SGO representatives.

The President and Vice President both sit on the School Leadership Team and one of them (we switch off) sits on the Safety, Attendance, and C-30 (administration hiring) committees so as to actively advocate for our peers. The Secretary and Treasurer also appear at SLT meetings, though they do not vote.

In addition, the officers each serve as liaisons for the SGO's nine committees, where the main work of the SGO is done. Each representative serves on one of the committees. This years committees are:
Academic- Dealing with academic issues that arise and advocating on behalf of students to the Academic AP's.
Building Beautification- Working on improving the school environment by making it more appealing and sustainable.
College- Working with the College Office to improve LaGuardia's college process.
Communications- Getting information out to the students by writing a section in the school's weekly bulletin.
SNAP- The LaGuardia Student Performance Society which produces student generated art and performance. (e.g. Poetry Slams, Hootenanies and the like)
Student Activities- Helping student organizations get funding and space and assisting them in the logistics of event planning.
Student Court- Students may appeal demerits or punishments before a court of their peers. (I'll go more into detail in a few weeks)
Student Opinion- Actively seeking out student opinion on the goings on of LaGuardia High School through polls and social networking sites.
Website- Runs the SGO website ( and works to improve the SGO's internet presence.

Next Post: How has LaGuardia's SGO worked to improve student involvement and representation this year?

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