Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Measuring the Effectiveness of YOUR student government

These questions may help you to determine the effectiveness of your student government.

Some questions to ask the COSA of your school:
What is the role of a student government?
Is your student government fulfilling that role?
What events specially is your student government active in currently?

How would you like student government to be run? What goals and expectations do you have in mind?
Currently what is the status of your student government?
What do you think you can do to make your student government run smoother? Is it a possible goal? Would you need any assistance in achieving this goal?
Do you know anything about how other student governments are run in other schools?

For the Reps:
What kind of work are you currently involved in?
Is this what you pictured student government to be?
What is your role in student government?
What exactly do you think a student government is supposed to be and supposed to do? Has your student government accomplished that?

For some people that are not involved in student government but are defiantly affected by student government (the general student body!!) :
Do you know if your school has a student government?
Do you know what your student government is currently doing?
What do you think student government is supposed to do? DO you believe that your student government has been doing any of those things?Do you believe having a student government in every school is important? Why or why not?

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